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WELead Women's Conference 2021 | The Woman-Empowered Experience

Thank you for attending the WELead virtual event!  At Potomac Financial Consultants, we specialize in assisting women and their families, women investors, and women nearing retirement with financial planning.

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The nation’s financial and physical wellness are both on an upswing. While finances and health may seem unrelated, the two are often closely intertwined, especially in America’s bustling, free-flowing marketplace.

The first stop on our diagnostic journey is a brief physical checkup. As countries around the world slowly recover from a devastating pandemic, more vaccines are being approved, distributed, and widely adopted.

Please click below to access a complimentary copy of our&#160;<em>Unlocking The Treasures To Financial Wellness</em> eBook.

Our nation’s financial report card also shows signs of improvement as economic growth continues to improve. But it will take time for the economic rebound to reach all sectors of the economy, such as the leisure and hospitality industries.1

While COVID-19 disrupted the financial journey for many, 41 percent of Americans say they have learned to spend less and save more during the pandemic. That can be a powerful combination.2

Will the nation’s economic rebound gather momentum? Will Americans continue to improve their personal balance sheets as the country moves forward?

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