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PFC Happenings

Kestra's Annual Ascend Conference ~ February 2024  

Michelle, Brendan, and Grace spent several days in Palm Springs, California attending Kestra’s annual Ascend Conference. This was an opportunity to connect with fellow advisors and staff from all over the United States. They take home valuable strategies that can be implemented throughout the year. 


Summer 2023

Michelle & her daughter Paige got hands on with "Camp Because I Said I Would" this summer. This service project was part of the Million Dollar Round Table charity events. Michelle, along with her daughter and numerous other MDRT members, traveled to Ohio to assist "Camp Because I Said I Would" with various projects they needed to beautify their grounds after a recent tragic fire at the camp. This camp works with adults and teens that may be dealing with bereavement and/or mental  instability issues. 

What a great time they had!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Our Values
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Potomac Financial Consultants is InfoSafe Certified

Showing our commitment to privacy and trust, we have become InfoSafe Certified, through INVISUS, by implementing comprehensive data security and privacy safeguards to protect our office and clients against potential identity theft and cyber-crime. In today's digital age, where personal and financial information collected by businesses and other organizations can be accidentally exposed, we have invested in proper safeguards. Our firm is certified as having met the safeguards of INVISUS and the InfoSafe Certification program. INVISUS provides the most respected and comprehensive information security and privacy certification.  

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