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Confidence to live boldly and retire on your terms


If you had to retire tomorrow, would you be ready? Are you 100% certain you’re doing all you can to be prepared for your future? Don’t stress or fear any longer. Allow our team at Potomac Financial Consultants to help you discover a clear path to your future so you can take each step in confidence. With a customized, personal financial plan designed around your identity and dreams, we’ll empower you to welcome tomorrow with peace of mind. At Potomac Financial Consultants, we focus on helping clients discover their potential to live brave and take charge of their wealth.

We prepare individuals and families from all walks of life for retirement with a tried and true financial planning process. We believe you deserve a model tailored to your life. As a female-owned firm, we have significantly adapted our service model to uniquely serve the needs of women investors, an undeniable force in the market.

Women today are accomplishing more than ever. We are leaders. Activists. Change-agents. Presidents. Executives. Pioneers. We are also fulfilling our roles as mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, and caretakers. A recent study stated more than 50% of women see themselves as the Chief Financial Officer* of their household. With all these responsibilities on your plate, you need a partner by your side to encourage you; to give you the advice you need when real life happens. The outdated, one-size-fits-all model of financial planning should be left behind with the mold you have broken.

If you

  1. know what you want out of life
  2. aren’t satisfied with the status quo financial advisory firm
  3. want financial advice based on the BIG picture

we just might be the right firm for you.

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