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About Potomac Financial Consultants, LLC

Who Are We?

Potomac Financial Consultants,LLC is a small independent financial services firm with a history dating back over 30 years. When the firm was founded in 1983 by James P. Ruth, our mission was to offer highly personalized retirement and investment services in combination with innovative technology to successful individuals, business executives and retirees. Over thirty years later and through an ownership change, the mission remains the same, with technology advances allowing PFC to remain a boutique firm, yet still offer access to all the capabilities of a major Wall Street firm. We are licensed to do business in most states and the District of Columbia.

What Do We Do?

Our objective is to play a large role and have a significant impact in the financial lives of our clients by offering the following services:

  • Asset Management – We build individually designed investment portfolios after discovering your objectives and risk tolerance. We generally use institutional managers because of their tax efficiency, low expenses, customization capabilities and world class asset managers. Advisory accounts can also accommodate stocks, bonds, mutual funds and exchange traded funds.
  • Retirement Income Planning – The single biggest financial challenge you'll face is making your money last as long as you do. Our analysis and modeling helps you develop a strategy for sustainable lifetime income throughout retirement. Based on your goals and objectives, we also determine your break-even rate of return – the return required for your investment nest egg to last as long as you do.
  • Insurance Planning - You are working hard to build a comfortable lifestyle and accumulate assets for your future. We can design an insurance program to help you protect what is important to you and your family through life, long-term care, and disability insurance issued by top-rated insurance carriers.
  • Small Business Retirement Plans - For business owners, we help take the guesswork out of your retirement plan. For many of your employees, an employer-sponsored retirement plan will be their primary source of retirement savings. Whether you are considering the adoption of a new retirement plan or changing providers for an existing plan, we will help you identify your unique needs and find a provider and plan that is suited to your company.

How Are We Compensated?

We are compensated for our services with a fee that is determined by the scope of the retirement planning services provided or the assets under management (or both). Certain insurance products and mutual funds are offered on a commission basis.

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